Ruth, Part 2, Class Schedule

The outline is from the JPS Commentary. The number of verses to be translated for each class is not even. On “heavy” weeks we will discuss meaning of the book a bit less and on “light” weeks we will spend more time on interpretation and discussion of relevance to theology and practice.

July 22 . . . Ruth 3:1-5 Naomi’s Daring Plan for Desperate Times
July 29 . . . Ruth 3:6-15 Ruth and Boaz on the Threshing Floor
August 5 . . . Ruth 3:16-18 Homecoming with Good News and Grain
August 12 . . . Ruth 4:1-12 Negotiations at the Gate: Redeeming Ruth
August 19 . . . Ruth 4:13-17 Betrothal, Birth, and More Blessings
August 26 . . . Ruth 4:18-22 Epilogue: Reweaving the Web of Life — The Concluding Genealogy


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