I created this blog as support for a class and will include here the Hebrew text of Ruth, translation notes for students who wish to improve their Hebrew, notes on the interpretation of Ruth and some traditional readings, and audio files from a live classroom.

I greatly appreciate donations for users of “Reading Ruth.” Feel free to read posts and see if the material here could useful to you as a course for improving your Hebrew skills. If so, please consider making a $20 donation to the Mount Olive Press store. A suggested donation would $20 for every four lessons. Click here for the Mount Olive Press Store to donate.

Rabbi Derek Leman
Messianic Jewish Musings Blog.
Yeshua In Context Blog.

2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. I am thrilled to see such a careful reading of Ruth done in a setting like this. And even more thrilled that you’re reading my handbook as a resource. I hope it is a useful tool.
    Please, if you find any points of incoherence, or even typos, email them to me. I hope to revise the work in a few years and would appreciate the input.

    • Sweet! Great to hear from you Dr. Holmstedt. Your handbook on Ruth has been an advanced education for me. Too busy to take more classes, books like yours help a rabbi in the field sharpen his Hebrew and I much appreciate it. Great to know as well about your blog. Will start reading you there.

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