From the JPS Commentary on Ruth (Tikva Frymer-Kensky and Tamara Cohn Eskamazi):

  • 1:1-7, Prologue: The Departure from Bethlehem
  • 1:8-18, The Turning Point on the Road to Bethlehem
  • 1:19-22, Return to Bethlehem
  • 2:1-2, Home Alone: Starting Over
  • 2:3-17, In the Field: Finding Food and Favor
  • 2:18-23, Home Again
  • 3:1-5, Naomi’s Daring Plan for Desperate Times
  • 3:6-15, Ruth and Boaz on the Threshing Floor
  • 3:16-18, Homecoming with Good News and Grain
  • 4:1-12, Negotiations at the Gate: Redeeming Ruth
  • 4:13-17, Betrothal, Birth, and More Blessings
  • 4:18-22, Epilogue: Reweaving the Web of Life — The Concluding Genealogy

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